Hola and Welcome to the Dig on Dinonuggets tv. Are you tired of your underwear not giving your junk the respect it deserves? Are you sick of your jewels being treated like an afterthought? Does having your mighty sword being jostled around, unsupported, like a freeloader in your underpants make you ill, Then try out Sheath underwear. It’s like a popemobile for your balls


Sheath underwear are premium boxer-breifs designed with a special kangaroo style pouch on the inside to support your underbits and save them from unnecessary skin on skin contact and friction.


They are made of a very soft and quality feeling material. The Sheath underwear have that no bunch, no fold kind of waistband area I find in my favorite brand of boxer-briefs, which is fantastic. The elastic feel great, and overall nothing about these underwear feels like it wasn’t given thought.


Designed for athletic, sporty types, and men into fitness, they provide a level of support, comfortability and penis of mind that you don’t find in other underwear. I have worn them for a few days now, and run them through the laborious tasks such as drinking bourbon while reminicing about the good times you and your balls have had. And other such activities like sitting and standing multiple times, walking, sometimes at lengths of more than a couple blocks, and even grueling sessions of sitting, for innumerable hours at a time.


Like most men, I’ve always assumed that I’d just have to deal with my nuts sticking to my legs, awkward bunching, and chafing from skin on skin contact.


I’d never really thought about holding my underwear to a higher standard. That not only should underwear be a cage for my business, it should be a luxury carriage for my crotch.


I’d say that after wearing it now, it’s definitely an innovative idea, and the natural evolution for mens underwear. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for more support downstairs, and also anyone who just wants to cherish their genitals. #TreatYourself


Sheath: Stick your sword in it.

Pick up a few pair, they come in a variety of different collors


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