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[Video Transcript]
*Pan down from the oil painting*

Oh hello, I didn’t realize I had company. Welcome to my study, I was just catching up on this fine dictionary. I enjoy my leather bound friend here, much more than the film adaptation. Gotta keep the old wrinkly pink sharp.

*Sip drink, gaze off, look back to camera*

Oh, I know that look… our finely crafted artisanally hand encoded DinoNuggets videos have caught your eye. Don’t be ashamed, soak it in, let it wash over you and enrapture your spirit.

In fact, feel free to peruse our channel with reckless abandon. Get lost in the warm embrace of the content. It’s an oaky blend of humor with a nose of dick-jokes and an after-taste of creamy piss-warm leather. Let it weave its seductive fingers in and out of the crevices of your mind. Wrap yourself up inside of it like the arms of an ancient lover, that makes you feel safe, yet naughty at the same time. When you find your way back to this realm, I’ll be right here waiting for you to ease you back into your body. Be careful, your knees might have a case of the old wobbly-knobs.

Come back any time old friend

*looks back to dictionary as camera pans back up slowly

Now where was I… Aardvark, Absynthe, Abortion, Arabian Goggles, Ashy Larry, ah yes, anal fissures! Hmmm, interesting…. you don’t say…

*trails off*