Hola and welcome to the Dig, Today we are unboxing, building and reviewing Incredi Builds Destiny Sparrow 3D wooden model.

I am a big fan of the game Destiny, and this is a very unique bit of merch. A wooden replica of the personal hoverbike vehicle called a Sparrow. I was particularly excited to geek out and shoot building this model. It comes with a 102 step instructions and 182 pieces that are laser cut from two wooden sheets. The full model comes out to around 10’ long and 4’ wide.

Pro Tip: take a picture of the piece placement diagram so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth from the diagram to your current step.

Pro Tip # 2 if you’re of age Always have a DinoNugget within reach (That’s an old fashioned with a swedish fish in it).

So let’s get into it. The box makes a few claims about the build:
laser-cut wood pieces
step-by-step instructions
No tools needed

Ok, so “easy” is a relative term. If you’re a rabid puzzler or model builder, than I’m sure this will be plenty easy for you. If like me, you don’t build models regularly, this one was bit tedious and I’d say it’s more of an Intermediate skill level. I was incredibley naive about how long this model would take me, and in the end it took about 3.5 hours to complete for me.

Laser cut wood, check.

Step-by-step instructions, check. Although the arrangement of blocks of instruction on the large sheet was a little weird, it wasn’t too bad.

No tools needed. Check on that one. Although, I used a rasp to help poke out the pieces and sand any little bumps left from the attachment points. I also had a bottle of wood glue handy to help me keep the model solid in the delicate parts. Wood glue would be good in case you break a piece or if you want to make sure it never comes apart. Another good idea, would be to have tweezers around, just in case. But in the end, none of those tools are mandatory.

If you like Destiny, and you revel in the process of putting together models or puzzles, this is definitely worth picking up. You can get yours for $20 at the Bungie store, that’s bungiestore.com. Full link in the description. Thanks for watching, stay tuned to DinoNuggets for our latest content and review. Stay frosty, guardian, and we’ll see you next time, on the Dig.

$20, Bungie Store

Welcome to the Dig! We are reviewing the Destiny Wood Sparrow 3D model. Laser-cut wood. 181 pieces. No tools necessary.

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